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PostSubject: NewEst GaDjeTs   Sun 9 Aug - 4:37

Keyring Alcohol Breath Tester

Imagine how nice it would be to always have an alcohol breath tester in your keyring. At the time when you wonder if you are able to drive safely you can now always make sure and you don’t have to spend those extra hours unless really needed.
With this keyring alcohol breath tester you simply press the power button and the green LED will keep lighting ready in about 10 seconds. Then you wait about 10 seconds more and exhale into the exhale pipe. Look for the result at the coloured buttons.

  • Green Light – Safe (Under 0.05% BAC)
  • Yellow Light – Caution (0.05% BAC)
  • Red and Yellow – Danger (Over 0.05% BAC)

Laptop Flip for Apple Laptops

The Laptop Flip is a 2-in-1 space saver and riser for your laptop computer. Now you can store your laptop in the vertical position when not in use creating additional space on your desktop. In use, the the Laptop Flip raises the back of your laptop by 1.25" improving your viewing and typing angle and increasing ventilation. No other computer accessory offers these beneficial features all in one. Made of lightweight acrylic with a non-skid rubber surface and small enough to carry with you.

Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive

Western Digital is first in the world to create a 2TB hard drive. As they say, you can never have enough storage space. Somehow no matter how much space I have available it will get filled. I guess it’s the collector in us that like to keep stuff. Maybe one day I will need it? The other thing is that more and more people are becoming aware of the risk of loosing all the data. So not only do we want to store a lot of data, we also need to back it up.
Today 10 percent of the 3.5” hard drive sales are 1 TB or higher. These 2 TB drives will come handy and help many people out. The Western Digital Green 2TB hard drives come with many different advanced technologies. Everything from StableTrac that helps secures the motor and reduces vibrations to IntelliPower that helps the balance of the spin speed. The price for this disk has been set at $299.

Carrera Racing Wheel

To get that extra feeling to the best car games you really need a steering wheel. With the help of Fanatec’s Porsche 911 Carrera Racing Wheel for PS3 and PC you will come as close to reality as you possible can. This will give you an incredible control of the car and add a lot of fun. After you have tried this racing wheel you will never be able to go back to using the mouse or keyboard for these kinds of games.

USB Missile Launcher

The USB missile launcher is a small gadget that is growing in popularity. Today there are many different kinds of USB missile launchers to fit every “need”. The one we have been testing is the one on the picture. This launcher has a mounted camera for some extra fun.
USB Missile Launcher Specifications

This one comes with a mounted web cam and a CD with software to control it. You just plug the USB cable and no batteries are needed.

Wireless Router Vase

Today they seem to mix up gadgets with each other. Here we have a wireless router that is constructed as a vase. This gives it a “dual use”. Some of you might think this is a stupid combination and I agree to some degree. However if you want a wireless router that no one else have this could be a cool gadget.
The wireless router vase combines the technical with the esthetic and will make sure your guests will turn their heads. One problem could be when you are watering the flowers. It might feel a bit uncomfortable to pour water into an electronic gadget. I just picture myself getting electrocuted when watering the plats in the evening.

Universal Keychain

This little keychain is really good for people who like to be prepared for the unexpected. The universal keychain can be great in many situations and can make you even more lazy The bottle opener and the flashlight can be really great in an emergency.

Santa Claus RC Helicopter

This is a perfect Christmas gift or a pre Christmas gift. It is a Santa Claus RC 3D mini helicopter. The remote control uses an infrared super wide control that has a great reach. It is very lightweight and easily maneuverable. It is made in a material that can withstand crashes without breaking. We all know it takes some time to learn to fly these things and around Christmas we tend to be a bit tipsy, then it’s good if the helicopter doesn’t break in the first crash.

Takara Tomy I-sobot Robot

We got the opportunity to test this new cool i-sobot robot today and I have only one thing to say about it, WOW! The “i-sobot” is a Japanese robot created by Takara Tomy. It is right now the world’s smallest robot. It measures 6.5” (165mm) high, 3.77” (96mm) wide, 2.64” (67mm) deep and weights in at 14 ounces (400g).
So what can this cool new robot do? From the factory it knows already over 200 words and phrases and 200 pre-programmed movement sequences. I tested to by telling it to “do pushups” and down he went and started to workout like a real fitness instructor:) I love to have a small “mini-me” and I don’t have to change any diapers.
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NewEst GaDjeTs
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