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 A Very Shocking Story...

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PostSubject: A Very Shocking Story...   Fri 31 Jul - 5:03

This is a story from University of

the Philippines (Diliman) about a

young college girl who passed away

last month. Her name was Tiffany. She

was hit by a dumper truck. She had a

boyfriend named Noel. Both of them

were true lovers. They always hung on

the phone. You could never see her

without her cell phone. In fact she

also changed her network coverage from

Smart to Globe, so both of them can

be on the same network, and save on

the cost and get good network

coverage. She spent half of the day

talking with Noel. Tiffany's family

knew about their relationship. Noel

was very close with Tiffany's family.

(Just imagine their love). Before she

passed away she always told her

friends 'If I pass away please bury me

with my hand phone' she also said the

same thing to her parents.

After her death, people couldn't carry

her coffin, I was there. A lot of

them tried to do so but still

couldn't, everybody including me, had

tried to carry the coffin, the result

is still the same. Eventually, they

called a Feng Shui Master. He took a

stick and started speaking to himself

slowly. After a few minutes, he


HERE '. Then her friends told the

Master about her intentions to bury

her with her phone. He then opened the

coffin and places her phone and SIM

card inside the casket. After that

they tried to carry the coffin. It

could be moved and they carried it

into the van easily. All of us were

shocked. Tiffany's parents did not

inform Noel that Tiffany had passed


After 2 weeks Noel called Tiffany's

mom and said, 'I'm coming home today.

Cook something nice for me. Don't tell

Tiffany that I'm coming home today, I

wanna surprise her.' Her mother

replied... 'You come home first, I

wanna tell you something very

important.' After he came, they told

him the truth about Tiffany. Noel

thought that they were playing a fool.

He was laughing and said 'don't try to

fool me - tell Tiffany to come out, I

have a gift for her. Please stop this

nonsense'. Then they showed him her

grave. Noel said, 'It's not true. We

spoke yesterday. She still calls me.

Noel was shaking. Suddenly, his phone

rang. 'See this is from Tiffany, see

this...' he showed the phone to

Tiffany's family. All of them told him

to answer. He talked using the

loudspeaker mode. All of them heard

his conversation. Loud and clear, no

cross lines, no humming. It was the

actual voice of Tiffany & there was

no way others could use her SIM card

since it was nailed inside the coffin.

They were so shocked and asked for the

Feng Shui Master's help again.

The Master brought his co-masters to

solve this matter. He & his co-masters

worked for 5 hours. Then they

discovered one thing...

GLOBE Has The Best Coverage...

Wherever You Go, Their Network


Ang lakas talaga ng globe

kahit nasaan ka man

Kaya globe na kayo nang kayo ay

Nakakasiguradong malayo ang mararating ninyo!

naisahan ka ba?

bawi na lang nxt tym!


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PostSubject: Re: A Very Shocking Story...   Fri 31 Jul - 6:56

BNHStambayan introducing globe.hahahaha
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PostSubject: Re: A Very Shocking Story...   Sun 2 Aug - 5:47

ekinesen,, tammuk nuh annat ut//

ag globe taun.. bulok ta smart,,

txtm8z tau,, till death do us part
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PostSubject: Re: A Very Shocking Story...   Mon 10 Aug - 11:06

mga kulogo..
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PostSubject: Re: A Very Shocking Story...   

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A Very Shocking Story...
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