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 Iba ang Pinoy 2

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PostSubject: Iba ang Pinoy 2   Sat 22 Aug - 6:32

Three contractors are bidding to fix the White House fence. One from
the Philippines the others from Mexico and U.S. of A. The american gets
a tape measure and does some measuring and says, the job will cost
$900.00: $400.00 for materials, $400.00 for labor and $100.00 for me.
The Mexican do the same and says, $700.00: $300.00 for materials,
$300.00 for labor and $100.00 for me. The Pinoy leans over to the White
House official and whispers, $2,700.00. The official says, WHAT! You
didn’t even measure like the other guys! How do you expect me to
consider your bid? Easy, the Pinoy said, $1,000.00 for you, $1,000.00
for me and we hire the guy from Mexico.
The next day, the Pinoy and the Mexican are working on the fence.
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Iba ang Pinoy 2
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