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PostSubject: t®!v!@$.......   Thu 20 Aug - 10:45

study The banana is the world's largest herb.

study Harry S. Truman was the first president paid a salary of $100,000.

study King
Charles VII, who was assassinated in 1167, was the first Swedish king
with the name of Charles. Charles I, II, III, IV, V, never existed. No
one knows why. To add to the mystery, almost 300 years went by before
there was a Charles VIII (1448-57).

study Seventy-three percent of
Americans are willing to wear clothes until the clothes wear out. The
poll conducted by Louis Harris and Associates also revealed: 92 percent
are willing to eliminate annual model changes in automobiles; 57
percent are willing to see a national policy that would make it cheaper
to live in multiple-unit apartments than in single-family homes; 91
percent are willing to eat more vegetables and less meat for protein.

bounce Technology bounce

    The first flexible, rolled film for still photographs was introduced
    only about 4 years before the first motion picture was made.

    » The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903, and used a tomato can for a carburetor.

    » The first manned spacecraft to be launched was the Soviet’s Vostok 1, which left Earth in 1961.

    » The first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1935.

    "MIDI" stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a
    standard means of sending digitally encoded information about music
    between electronic devices, often between synthesizers and computers.

    » Time magazine named the computer its "Man of the Year" in 1982.

    A 1999 survey of 25,500 standard English-language dictionary words
    found that 93 percent of them have been registered as dot-coms.

    A 2001 study conducted by PC Data and Information Resources Inc.
    showed that greeting cards, soup, breakfast cereal, and Imodium were
    among the most popular package goods bought online.

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PostSubject: Re: t®!v!@$.......   Thu 3 Sep - 0:31


bounce common gold fish is the only animal that can both see infrared and ultraviolet light.

bounce China has more english speakers than the United States

bounce life span of a dragonfly-->24 hrs.

bounce Camel's milk does not curdle or spoil!!

bounce If a gold fish is kept in a dark room, it wil eventually turn white.

bounce William Shakespeare invented the words 'assasination' and 'bump'.

bounce Tarantula can live for upto 2 yrs. w/out food.

bounce 'stewardesses' is the longest word that can be typed on a keyboard w/ only left hand.

bounce The oldest existing game in the world is an african stone game called 'oware'.
an ancient egyptians called it 'mancala'. But we filipinos know it as 'sungka'.

bounce Romans used to celebrate New Year's day on march 1.

bounce Coca cola was originally colored green.

bounce prehistoric dinosaurs still have some distant relatives alive today: the alligator
and the chicken.

bounce lighters were inventd before the match! This was in 1816, by J. W Dobereiver.
Matches came along in 1855.

bounce the full name of the city of Los Angeles is El Pueblo De Nostra Senora La Reina
de Los Angeles de Purciumcula!!!

bounce table tennis balls travel off the paddle at speeds of up to 170 km/ hr.

bounce elephant is the only animal in the world w/ 4 knees.

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PostSubject: Re: t®!v!@$.......   Thu 3 Sep - 0:45


bounce cats can make over 100 different vocal sounds while dogs can only make 10.

bounce Feb. 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

bounce antlion is neither an ant nor lion. It's an insect that got its name because it
hunts and eats ants.

bounce A special kind of star called neutron star is so dense that a teaspoon of it will
weigh more than all the people on Earth.

bounce In 1666, the Great Fire of LOndon burnt down 80% of the city but only klled 16 people.

bounce Walt Disney only finished a year on high school but he created ine of the most
succesful businesses.

bounce Fleas can accelerate 50 times faster than a space shuttle....

bounce giraffes have no vocal chords.
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