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 Rules and Regulation

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Rules and Regulation Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulation   Rules and Regulation EmptyWed 22 Jul - 6:07

Rules and Regulation

At BNHSTAMBAYAN we want you to enjoy your experience on our website as much as possible. Therefore we have created the following list of Rules for Everyone.

Please read these carefully before posting, as they apply site-wide and are upheld by our Website Moderation Staff. Please note failure to follow these rules may result in warnings, removal of privileges and/or account suspension.

Basic Rules
* No Swearing
* No Spamming
* No Flaming (moderators will take measures to prevent this)
* No Personalized post, thats why we have a PM system
* DO NOT duplicate topics/posts
* DO NOT post saying another user is breaking the rules. PM any ADMIN/MOD

General Rules
* Post in the proper forum or thread.
* Make your thread title specific. Threads like "kuya patulong", "tanong lang po" will automatically be deleted
* DO NOT use the shoutbox as help and support.
* DO NOT use the shoutbox to sell your items
* DO NOT use text speak
* DO NOT make offensive posts
* DO NOT post in all caps
* DO NOT use images larger than 400pixels width; use as few images as possible
* DO NOT create more than 1 user name. Doing so will result in a warning or worse.

ENJOY------- cheers
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Rules and Regulation
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